Tides & Terrace

Tides is a cozy and inviting environment that serves as a coffee bar during the day and a wine bar in the evening.

Large folding glass doors between indoor seating and outdoor terrace allow for lots of natural light as well as well as stunning views across the South Lawn.

Please note the following House Rules are applicable:

Dress Code: Casual Attire
Casual attire for gentlemen includes collarless shirts, but not tank tops. Denim trousers and shorts are permitted. Members are requested not to visit any food and beverage outlets without changing after exercise or sports. Bathing suits are not allowed.

Access for Children (aged 9 and below) & Junior Members (aged 10 – 17)
Children and Juniors are allowed.

Smoking Poilcy
Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Operation Hours

Sunday to Thursday and public holidays
8am - 8pm
Friday, Saturday and eves of public holiday
8am - 10pm