Mission Statement

We are dedicated to being a premier Club in Hong Kong which provides a gathering place for social, recreational, and business activities for Members and their families in a distinctive American atmosphere.

  • In achieving our Mission we will:
  • Maintain a commitment to an American identity.
  • Maintain a Club environment which is open and hospitable.
  • Provide quality services and products at a fair value.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility.
  • Project a positive image within our community.
  • Be responsive to our Members.
Our Guiding Principles
American Identity

We are committed to preserving the Club's American character in the products, services and facilities that we provide. While doing so, we also recognize that as an international club in Asia, we are a mosaic of different nationalities and a melting pot of diverse cultures.

World-Class Aspirations and Expectations

We will be committed to delivering world-class products and services. We will strive to sustain excellence and communicate this expectation to all levels of Staff. We understand that being the best does not allow for arrogance, indifference or complacency, but our pursuit of excellence will be fuelled by pride.

Financial Responsibility

We are committed to achieving and performing above and beyond approved budgets. We will prepare all financial information in a true, fair and realistic manner in accordance with Club Standards, Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Standard Accounting Practice. We will work to analyze and operate our business responsibly by actively promoting revenue opportunities and monitoring and controlling expenditures.

Comfort and Convenience

We are committed to providing an atmosphere that is comfortable, enjoyable and easy to use within the responsible framework of our operation. While we recognize we have a commitment to the Club's policies and procedures, we will endeavor to be flexible and empathetic when administering these. In our role as a home away from home we will ensure that all aspects of our facilities will be well maintained and constantly improved to the highest standard.

Character and Integrity

We will continue to ensure a high degree of character and integrity in all we do and say. We are committed to maintaining and promoting a culture of honesty, trust, loyalty and respect. We will expect these characteristics to be defining principles in all levels of our partnerships. (Colleagues, Members, Guests, Directors and Commercial Partners.)


We will be committed to employing the most suitable individuals for all positions. We will cultivate and sustain expertise and identify those with the potential for further development. We will work to foster that development to suit the requirements of the Club and the Individual.

Good Employer

We will be committed to be an employer of choice. We will continue to determine Staff expectations and work to exceed them. It is our intention to encourage, nurture, and support professional development whenever possible. The Club is a haven for our Staff where we will give and demand respect while upholding our philosophies and values. We will regularly compare ourselves with others in the industry and strive to be the best.

Internal and External Benchmarking

We will be committed to excellence and constant improvement. Our goals and objectives will be result orientated and we will be committed to measuring what we do and how we do it. We will regularly evaluate our expectations against the standards of our competitors. We will gauge the satisfaction of our Members on an ongoing basis, evaluate the findings and work to improve the results year to year. We will work to intensify our strengths and analyze our shortcomings. We will inspect what we expect.

Health and Safety

We are committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure. In doing so we will remain aware and vigilant against all situations that threaten the health and welfare of our Members, Guests, and Staff. We will maintain an active role in the area of occupational health and safety, ensuring a high degree of awareness, training and education.

Stewards of the Community

We will learn and understand what it means to be environmentally friendly. We will work in a conscientious manner and communicate our efforts to all Staff and Members alike. We will endeavor to execute successful waste management and energy conservation systems while also utilizing safe and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. We will also participate in regular acts of goodwill for the benefit of the local community.