• The American Club Magazine keeps Members of the American Club updated in all aspects of club life and Club activities.
  • The Magazine reflects the impeccable standards sets by the Club and carries the Club's values of family and business success.
  • The American Club Magazine provides advertisers with unique opportunity to reach a select segment of the market place and a highly influential group of men and women in a trusted and personal medium.
  • The American Club's Membership list is a who's who of the corporate world of Hong Kong.

You can choose the most suitable type of advertising for your own business needs:

  • Outside Back Cover
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Run of Print
  • ½ page
  • ¼ page
  • Classified
  • Insertion

  • Frequency
  • American Club Magazine is published the first of each month.

  • Booking Deadline
  • 10th of the month prior to publication

  • Cancellation
  • No cancellation is accepted after the booking deadline.

  • Material Requirements
  • 175-line screen, Positive films, right reading emulsion side down, with progressive color proofs.

  • Readership
  • 10,000; Magazine delivered by direct mail and email, and distributed through both the Town Club in Central and the Country Club in Tai Tam.

  • Binding
  • Perfect Binding

  • Size Width Height
    Full Page
    Trim 215mm 280mm
    Bleed 225mm 290mm
    Half Page Horizontal
    Trim 185mm 125mm
    ¼ Page Horizontal
    Trim 90mm 125mm
    Spread Page
    Trim 430mm 280mm
    Bleed 440mm 290mm

    Standard trade rates will be charged for alterations made to material, which does not conform to the required specifications. Advertisers are responsible for supplying material on or before the specified advertising material deadline. If any advertiser fails to supply the necessary advertising material on time, resulting in non-publishing of the booked advertisement, the advertiser is liable to pay the full cost of the advertising.

  • Visual Approval
  • The publisher and The American Club reserve the right to reject any advertisement.

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